Building a Swell 2024 🌊⛰️

Rising up and Riding the Wave! Plus: Stars Aligning, Books Publishing, Stellar Collaboration, and more!

You Are Here & You’re Awesome!

Are your legs sore from climbing this mountain? Eyes and neck strained from ever-seeking that lush green dream you have yet to realize? Let’s hang here on this beginning-of-the-year ledge for a few moments and take in the view. Go ahead. Take a good long look at this gorgeous business landscape. Can you appreciate how far we’ve come together? Take a good long drink. What’s in your cup? Not corporate Kool-aid! Take a good long hug from all of us connectors, change-makers, and collaborators. We’re all here, supporting each other and just as you did for me, I’m going to remind you to celebrate all the little wins. Here are a few I’m going to shine light on, and then we’re going to ride a totally tubular wave. Thanks to you:

  • We’re rocking results on Paid Social Media and discovered I’m a weirdo for loving writing spreadsheets full of this copy

  • I’m ghostwriting blogs and books (instead of writing policies)

  • I published another collection of consulting tips

  • Realigning my focus with SPICE is working - after all, you’re here!

  • My book, Licensed To Sell, is going to be published this year (stay tuned!) and Two Lips Creative designed the most magnificent cover!

  • We’re inviting play and purpose into alternative 2024 business plans

It’s as if I’m creative for a living or something… As I sit here on this ledge with you, this tickles! Seriously exciting goosebumps over here! We’re awesome!

Wanted: Rebel Entrepreneurs with a Cause

Is your business plan an ugly, neglected digital doc hiding on your Cloud? Your business deserves a refreshed plan as purposeful and unforgettable as you are! Create a most meaningful, tangible Alternative Business Plan at 100State with me. For three Friday mornings, we’ll get off the computer and into our hearts. Bring your favorite art supplies. This is not your poser fill-in-the-blank-here lecture. Instead, each session delivers a tool for you to improve for the rest of your entrepreneurial life. Consider this Part One of Four Workshops- participants will have the opportunity to sign up for more quarterly workshops, should they choose. Ready to build on a stellar 2024 with YOUR best alternative business plan?


The Atlantic Ocean in Porto, Portugal, November 2023.

Mesmerizing and powerful Atlantic Ocean in Porto. Water encourages wonder.

Do you choose a word for the year? I chose “Swell” for all the meanings.

  • Swell = (adverb) well. “I’m feeling swell about our opportunities.”

  • Swell = (adjective) good. “Fortune looks swell on you.”

  • Swell = (verb) expanding in size. “Results swelled since our campaign.”

  • Swell = (noun) a rise in water. “Love riding that swell of support.”

Let’s build beautiful swells of success this year, whatever that means to us. Swell branding. Swell in sales. Swell networking. Membership swells. Water therapy watching swells. How can I help you build the swells you want this year? I’m up for the ride. Are you?

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being swell.

Laura Paisley Beck